Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 1st time :)
Matt was a good instructor: explained clearly and was patient. I found the car well functioning and modern. The student centered LD System helped to save lesson time so was definitely effective.

Amy Louise BenfordAmy Louise Benford
Passed 1st Time! :)
Absolutely amazing driving instructor, Matt is so patient and explains everything in ways that will benefit you. Could not have wished for anyone better to help me. All worries and concerns I had was put to ease. I loved watching the lesson DVDs and reading the Workbook before lessons. I have gained so much confidence within the week intensive driving course and that's all thanks to Matt. Would 100% Recommend Matt to anyone who is wanting to drive.

Chloe AllenChloe Allen
Passed at Sutton-in-Ashfield
Matt was friendly, reassuring and was able to help a lot with technique. I found the car easy to drive with an easy layout. The Student Hub [for theory and lesson prep] was very well thought out so there was no confusion. The LD System is good as it helps centre your learning to what you need and covers any areas you may not be aware of. I would definitely recommend Matt to others!

Aleksandar HuttonAleksandar Hutton
Passed 1st time!
Matt was a very good instructor, very confidence inspiring and easy to talk to. The car was very smooth and easy to drive, although I couldn't see much out of the rear window. Student Hub and LDC Workbook were very useful, allowing me to prepare for the lessons and test. I would very likely recommend Matt to others.

Will HolmesWill Holmes
Passed 1st time!
Matt was really helpful; a great guy and a good tutor. I found the car really nice - very smooth. The Student Hub [that enables lesson and theory prep] was really useful. It saved me money too as I didn't have to buy any apps. The workbook helped loads for the lessons, and the website was a great help when learning theory. I would be very likely to recommend Matt to others, and have found the overall experience excellent.

Dana Louise LeeDana Louise Lee
Passed 1st time :)
Matt is an amazing instructor, he has a really kind caring personality and reassures you if you are down about things. The car was beautiful; smooth and easy to handle. The Student Hub [used for preparation] was very helpful and makes things understandable. You can have a good laugh with Matt whilst also being serious about it all. I can't thank you enough Matt for teaching me the ways of the road the right way. An amazing program, and I'd highly recommend Matt to anyone who asks for a driving school / instructor.

Alex WilsonAlex Wilson
Passed 1st time!
Matt managed to teach me how to drive in 8 short days. I found the LD Workbook very useful as all the info was in one place, and was easy to follow with clear diagrams. The lesson videos provide a good alternative way of learning. The Student Centred LD System enabled me to direct my own learning and made me feel more confident. Always calm and understanding, Matt allowed me to structure my lessons how I wanted, whilst also ensuring I was confident in every aspect of driving in time for the test. Very easy to talk to and a brilliant instructor. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone needing to learn, 10/10

Jonathan ConnollyJonathan Connolly
Passed 1st time
Brilliant driving instructor, very patient and helpful. Highly recommended.

Scott Mcavoy
Passed at Chesterfield
Matt was a great instructor; only took me two months to get me through my test. I found the car amazing to drive and very comfortable. Matt was very reliable, always on time and very pleasant to be around. Would highly recommend.

Sophie CliffordSophie Clifford
Passed at Buxton
Thank you Matt for helping me pass my driving test. Matt is a fantastic driving instructor would highly recommend Matt for driving lessons Matt was always calm, friendly and helpful. Thank you I've really enjoyed my lessons with Matt .

Jonathan Keeler Jonathan Keeler
Passed at Chesterfield
Absolutely fantastic, if I could have Matt teach me every life skill then I probably would. He's fun, but not condescending; friendly, but not really forward and weird about it. I've already recommended Matt to a friend and would do it again if anyone asked. Matt will also structure a lesson around what you want to work on explaining the syllabus and how to achieve everything in a sensible order. Fantastic instructor, a true ten out of ten.

Matt ConstableMatt Constable
Passed at Chesterfield
I found Matt a really positive and supportive instructor. The car was very easy to drive and get used to. I chose to direct my own lessons mostly using the student-centred LD System and thought it was the best way to advance my driving. I would definitely recommend Matt to others.

Thomas HallamThomas Hallam
Passed 1st Time
Matt was a very good instructor and helped me a lot in terms of driving and was extremely well rehearsed in all the driving manoeuvres and techniques. The Training car was good and always clean, there was never any defects and it was a good 1L engine which was ideal for learner drivers. The LDC Student Hub was full of good information and resources and really helped me through my driving lessons and on to my test. I think that the LD system is a good way to learn and allows you to do quite a bit of the learning outside of your lessons saving time and a substantial amount of money as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend Matt and the LD system.

Thomas OakleyThomas Oakley
Passed at Chesterfield
Matt has been a great instructor; very helpful with any problems I came to and he made learning fun and easy. The car was great to drive, very easy to get used to - a great car for a learner. The student centred approach was very helpful, as it made learning different topics easier and helped me find what's best for me. I would highly recommend Matt and LDC to others.

Sian GriffithsSian Griffiths
Passed 1st time
I found Matt patient, calm and good at relaying information. If one technique during manoeuvres wasn't working for me, Matt was able to suggest another. The training vehicle was manoeuvrable with light controls. I also really liked the LD system of the workbook and videos. They saved me time as I was able to study the lessons before going out on the roads. After the lesson I was then able to look back at any areas that required more work and therefore make more progress. I initially wasn't sure about taking a semi-intensive course, but now having done one would recommend it, and Matt to others.

Really enjoyed my time with Matt! A great person to start learning with and nice car to drive! Would recommended to anyone.

Summer start-up
Matt is a fantastic instructor with excellent knowledge and a really calm approach. He dedicates 100% of the lesson to you and at the end to discusses the session & rate progress. Matt gives everyone an individual approach and allows you the freedom to choose what you want from each lesson. Really recommend to any level of driver! Thanks Matt.